Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hook Burger

2 (different reviews) #1 great hamburger, easily one of the best 4 or 5 in the area.  My ticket was $11 and change, I got the hickory burger, fries and a Coke.  I would go back again.  #2 (more critical, for those who care) I asked them what were their best sellers they said the Hickory Burger and the Bistro Burger.  The place advertises USDA Prime Chuck, the high quality beef was lost in the hamburger.  I would rather pay 75 cents less and get the normal Choice or Select beef.  It had too much BBQ sauce and the bacon was too thin, similar to what you would find at Carl's JR.  Everything else was fine, the bun was great.  I liked the shoestring fries they were nice and hot.  Service was ok (the person dropping off the food said "let me know if I can get you more soda pop", but never came back) am I going to walk up to the counter and ask someone to have an employee come over to my table to get me more Coke?  Just a training issue.  They were not a all busy, they opened yesterday.  The grand opening in in a few weeks.  Bottom line, top 5 area burgers but will keep looking for the best.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

La Quinta Resort & Club

I had brunch today at the La Quinta Resort & Club. http://www.laquintaresort.com/
About 10 years ago Bev and I stay at this wonderful Palm Springs area resort.  So tranquil.  Our Sunday Brunch was the best that I've ever had.  Not just a figure of speech, "The Best Ever".  So naturally, I was looking forward to our early lunch today.  The hotel was as pretty as I remembered it.  As I walked around the restaurant, the food looked good and creative.  The buffet was 32 bucks and decided to order off the menu.  For starters the service was very normal for a restaurant not a $250+ a night resort.  Kinda sad.  The food was extremely good.  I was having lunch with 5 other people and they were pleased with everything (except the rushed service).  I thought it interesting (and quickly forget about it) Bev did not offer me a bite (or piece) of her bacon.  A few hours later as we were driving back home Bev had mentioned that the bacon was the BEST that she had ever had in a restaurant.
Conclusion: Location, Eggs Benedict, Huevos Rancheros and Bacon - world class.  Service - so so.